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How To Drive Your Business Performance With Human Resource Strategy

Business performance is one of the top priorities of many companies. Combining management and system analytic processes, companies constantly strive to drive business performance to achieve their predetermined mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

Business performance management (BPM) managers need to know several key points in order to effectively manage and drive the company’s performance forward. Many of these key points can be collaborated with Human Resource strategy so that a more efficient and seamless process can be employed.

It’s important to understand the key tools in BPM before a manager can incorporate Human Resource strategy to drive business performance to greater height. Continue reading

How to Conduct an Effective Recruitment Process

HR Management is the key function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment, management and providing direction for the people who work in an organization.

As you can imagine, all of the processes and programs that are touched by people are part of the HR Management kingdom.

The HR department members provide the administrative services, knowledge, legal, necessary tools, training, coaching, management advice and talent management oversight that the rest of the organization needs for successful operation.

The recruitment process is an important part of HR management. It isn’t done without proper strategic planning. For HR management team, HR management presentation slide is one of the most important tools to have on hand. It is detailed outline that provides information about the organization’s needs and goals. Continue reading

15 Powerful HR Slide Series

z applauseIn this page, you can view all of 15 excellent powerpoint slides on HR Management. All slides are designed in powerpoint files (ppt) so that you can modify and immediately use for your own learning process.

There are 15 excellent HR presentation topics :

1. Competency-based HR Management
2. HR Scorecard
3. Principles of HR Management
4. Measuring ROI of Training
5. Change Management
6. Diagnosing Organizational Effectiveness
7. Good to Great
8. Coaching for Optimal Performance
9. Balanced Scorecard
10. Career Management
11. Communication Skills
12. Emotional Intelligence
13. Developing Leadership Skills
14. Presentation Skills for HR Managers
15. Creative Thinking Skills for HR Managers
Continue reading

Ultimate HR Tools to Drive People Performance

shutterstock_118475239We proudly present ULTIMATE HR TOOLS for HR MANAGERS. In total, there are 14 exceptional HR tools that you can immediately use to enhance your HR performance.

1. A Complete Catalog of KPIs for All HR Functions.
2. A Set of Competency-based Interview Questions.
3. HR Audit Questionnaire.
4. Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire.
5. Competency Development Template and Guidebook.

6. Powerful Template – Table of KPIs for HR Managers.
7. Tool to Evaluate HR Effectiveness.
8. Employee Development Plan Guidebook.
9. Sample of HR Strategic Plan and Program.
10. Tools and Templates for Implementing a Career Management System.

11. Tools and Templates for Implementing a Talent Management System.
12. HR Strategy Map Tools and Templates.
13. Tools and Templates for Measuring ROI of Training.
14. Tools and Templates for Conducting Workload Analysis.

You can DOWNLOAD all of these powerful HR Tools HERE

1. Key Performance Indicators for HR

This catalog provides an extensive list of key performance indicators (KPI) for HR function. You can immediately utilize this valuable tool as part of your performance management process.

The file displays a complete list of key performance indicators for all HR functions – from recruitment, career management to people development.

2. Competency-based Interview Questions

Competency-based interview technique is one of useful tools to screen potential high performing candidates. This downloadable file contains sample of competency-based interview questions. It describes competency definition, behavior indicators of competency, and a series of competency-based questions.

When you download the file, you will find :
1. Definition for many types of competencies
2. Behavior Indicators for competencies
3. List of Competency-based Questions for many types of competency.

3. HR Audit Questionnaire

This downloadable file contains explorative and insightful questions need to be delivered when you would like to conduct HR Audit. This tool will surely help you enhance the performance of your HR team.

When you download, you will find elaborative questions to fully capture the performance of HR in all HR functions: recruitment, selection, training & development, performance management, labor relations, career management, and organization development.

The first section investigates the alignment between HR and business strategy. In this domain, you will find questions like these:

1. What was total revenue for the business unit for the most recently completed fiscal year?
2. What is the company business strategy?

3. Does the company business strategy link to Human Resources (HR)? Please describe.
4. What is your company’s HR Strategy? Is the HR strategy aligned with the company’s strategy?

5. Who develop the HR Strategy? Do you assemble a cross-functional team to develop the HR strategy?
6. What does HR do in supporting the implementation of organization’s strategy?

7. Determine how the human resources department will support strategic goal and impact organization performance?

8. Do you perform a gap analysis of current versus desired organizational behavior and performance, and develop strategy to close the gap?

You can DOWNLOAD all of these powerful HR Tools HERE

4. Employee Satisfaction Survey

This downloadable file contains question items that can be used in Employee Satisfaction Survey. The questions explore five key dimensions: company, job, manager (superior), workgroup, career opportunity, and employee benefit. This survey can be deployed on a regular basis (via annual survey for example) and will be very instrumental in portraying true dynamics of employee satisfaction level.

When you download this file, you will find a complete set of questions that explore five key dimensions as mentioned above.

5. Competency Development Guidebook

This guidebook provides a comprehensive guideline to develop competency catalog. After describing a clear understanding about competency concept, this guidebook explores detailed activities need to be done to create and develop competency catalog.

When you download, you will find five files.

File 1 – Competency Development Guidebook. Provides a comprehensive guideline to develop competency catalog.
File 2 – Competency Workshop. Describes steps need to be done to determine the objectives and scope of competency project

File 3 – Core Competency Workshop. Describes steps need to be done to identify and develop core competencies.
File 4 – FGD Guide. Describes steps need to be done to conduct focused group discussion (FGD). FGD technique is used to identify job relevant competencies for a particular position/job/job family.

File 5 – Behavior Event Interview. Describes steps need to be done to conduct behavior event interview (BEI). This technique is used to identify critical behaviors of competency. These identified behaviors will be used as a basis for developing competency catalog.

File 6 – Taxonomy. Describes example of behavioral terms for stating specific learning outcomes.

File 7 – An excellent example of Competency Model and Competency Matrix.

You can DOWNLOAD all of these powerful HR Tools HERE

6. Template – KPI Table for HR Manager

This excellent template displays Table of KPI for HR Manager. After explaining key result areas and KPIs for HR Manager, this template also describes the formula to calculate KPI score. This template can immediately be used as “Performance Contract Agreement” for HR Manager.

When you download this tool, you canfind a Template Table that consists of 7 columns : column for key result areas, key performance indicators, weight of KPIs, target, actual results, Score and Final Score of KPI.

7. Tool to Evaluate HR Effectiveness

This downloadable file contains a series of coherent questions to be used in HR Service Users Survey. This survey is designed to explore the effectiveness of HR function and service delivery in the eyes of its customers (employees).

When you download, you will find questionnaire that explores the effectiveness of HR service delivery in all HR functions: recruitment, selection, training & development, performance management, labor relations, career management, and organization development.

For example, in Selection & Hiring of Candidates, the question explores all activities associated with identifying candidate pools, screening of candidates, interviewing, educating hiring managers, notifying applicants, determining compensation, and orienting new hires.

In Performance Management System, questions encompass services around developing performance management systems including competency modeling, developing performance targets, coaching, and the corresponding administration of the programs.

8. Employee Development Plan Guidebook

This guidebook provides an extensive list of development activities to enhance your competency level. Thus, this guidebook will be very useful if you have an intention to write an Individual Development Plan to sharpen your future performance.

When you download the file, you will find a series of development activities need to be undertaken to enhance your competency level. Extensively this guidebook describes definitions, behavior indicators and development activities for many types of competencies. Some competencies that are explored are:

1. Relationship Orientation
2. Continuous Learning
3. Tolerance for Stress, Ambiguity and Change
4. Strategic Business Perspective
5. Communication and Influence
6. Planning and Organizing
7. Team Building
8. Visioning and Alignment

9. Sample of HR Strategic Plan and Program

This template presents a comprehensive HR program in real terms, the expected results from each program, as well as a timeline for its implementation. The strategic HR program sample covers all major HR functions, from recruitment, training and development, performance management, to HRIS aspects.

This powerful HR Program template is really applicable, and can be used immediately as a reference for the HR Department in compiling its strategic plan and programs.

10. Tools and Templates for Implementing a Career Management System.

This tool contains templates and step-by-step guides for developing career systems in your company. This tool comes with ready-to-use forms and templates, so it can be instantly implemented and can be used to construct a better career system.

11. Tools and Templates for Implementing a Talent Management System.

This tool contains real-world examples of talent management system policy guidelines. This tool also includes forms and templates for creating a Talent Management System, as well as detailed instructions for completing it.

12. HR Strategy Map Tools and Templates.

This tool contains forms and templates for developing an HR Strategy Map. You will be provided a guideline for filling it out as well as an example of a completed HR Strategy Map form to use as a reference.

13. Tools and Templates for Measuring ROI of Training.

This tool includes templates and forms for measuring the effectiveness of training as well as the Return on Investment of Training (ROI of training). Each template/form comes with a step-by-step guideline for filling it out, as well as examples of completed forms.

14. Tools and Templates for Conducting Workload Analysis

This tool contains guidelines, forms, and templates for conducting workload analysis. Real-world examples of workload analysis results for various departments/sections are also included in this powerful tool, along with information on how to determine the optimal number of employees in various departments within the company.

You can DOWNLOAD all of these powerful HR Tools HERE

How to Conduct Performance Appraisal Professionally

Through performance management, managers and supervisors are able to know the capability of his or her team members.

With this system in place, managers and supervisors are able to find the most suitable plans of action to help underperforming employees improve their performance.

Companies of different business natures employ different types of performance appraisal system.

Even though these systems are unique and exclusive to the company’s business, every performance appraisal system share the same objective – measure and evaluate performance of the workforce to ensure quality and standard are met while at the same time help employees to strive for the best.

How does a business conduct performance appraisal? What are the things that go into an appraisal system? And how is this system efficient in ensuring consistent quality towards driving business excellence forward? Continue reading

Training Management Best Practices

Under Human Resource Management, training and development is one of its core strategies where Human Resource personnel are in charged of delivering training to employees of an organization.

In order to conduct a successful and effective training, a Human Resource personnel needs to take into consideration several things. Furthermore, these aspects need to be planned carefully. Being able to train others well is just part of the equation. A good trainer will not only deliver a session successfully, but he or she is also organized and meticulous in planning the training.

To do this, the things listed below need to be carried out with careful consideration and close planning. Continue reading

Employee Recruitment Process


Human Resource will be the most important department that will do the recruitment process. Sometimes, other people think that to recruit an employee does not need big effort. Of course, that opinion is totally wrong. When the HR department does the wrong steps then they may choose the wrong employee too. Every company has each different requirement to make the progress better. Each department and each position will also have different standard of employee too. That will be the HR job description to find the best people that can fulfill each position needed.

Here, will be the information about the employee recruitment process. In this process you will find some steps that you should understand. The HR should know about the recruitment procedure so that they can complete their job well. Just read the information below to have better understanding about the topic above.

Continue reading

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