How to Conduct Manpower Planning Analysis?

Manpower planning or the human resource planning reefers o putting up the right amount and kind of people at the right time and place to do the right thing they are capable of for achieving the specific goal of a specific organization or company. Manpower planning is one of the important processes in building a company, for a reason that the success of a company can be determined within this process.

It is the process where the recruitment of employee lies. With this, the company can make a better way on how they can have the best and talented employees under control. Having a good plan regarding with the hiring of manpower is the foundation of the company for making it a successful one. Thus, this process can is the greatest step towards the goal that they most probably desired. It is an important aspect for every company to consider for a better start and a successful outcome.

Manpower planning importance
Without manpower planning, a company can even manage to survive. Simply because it serves as the foundation of the company’s development and there is no one that will able to survive without considering the foundation that probably serves as a life support in the very beginning. The following things are what make manpower planning important aspects to be consider in one’s company.

1. Serves as the managerial functions key
All the 4 managerial functions namely organizing, planning, controlling and directing are absolutely based on manpower. Manpower plays a big help in implementing those managerial activities. Thereupon, the staffing process now serves as the managerial functions key.

2. Efficient utilization
Nowadays, personnel efficient management becomes a very important function to be consider in the world of industrialization. Building enterprises of a large scale will probably require a management having a large scale of manpower. Regarding with this, only through the staffing function can make it done effectively.

3. Motivation
The staffing functions doesn’t only focus on putting the right persons on the right job, it also involves the motivational programs or packages for the benefits of every employees. Therefore, all of the incentive plan types turn out to the staffing function’s integral part.

4. Human relation can be made better
If the human relation within the company is strong and well developed, even problems can easily stabiles itself as well. A strong and well-developed human relation can be achieved by clear communication, effective control, and effective leadership and supervision. The staffing function takes care of the training and work force development that probably leads to cooperation and better relations between people.

5. Higher productivity
Utilization of the resources in its best probable manner is one way to increase the level of productivity in a company. Higher productivity most probably is a product of minimal waist in time, efforts, money and energy. All of these are possible with staffing and with other activities related to this such as the training & development, remuneration and the performance appraisal.

Process of Manpower Planning:
Manpower planning is an essential process in obtaining the success of the company by assuring to have the right persons that will contribute for the better future of the company. However, it can never be done without understanding how this thing really works. For you to be able to understand how this one works, you must know first the process itself. Below are the processes that constitutes with the manpower planning.

• Setting objectives or goals
Setting the objective and goals is the very first step toward the process of manpower planning. Once the company’s objective or goals is set, it’s the time now for the for the company management to determine the people needed, their levels, the positions and even the trainings or experience needed in able to meet the objective or the goal the company sets. This can be easily done through manpower planning.

• Internal resources auditing
Having a sort of systematic review of each internal resource can probably determine if a person inside the company possesses a higher or different responsibility level. Thus, it is so much important to integrate the performance appraisal together with the potential appraisal of the existing employees into the process of manpower planning.

• Recruitment plan formulation
The manpower resources detailed survey can probably determine the calculated the needed or the excess personnel in each different levels through manpower planning. Even as arriving with the final number, it is still necessary for the actual retirements, estimated loss caused by death, illness and turnovers to take into account based on the outlook and experiences in relation with the company’s expansion and patterns of future growth.

• Estimates the manpower requirements and the organizational structure
The management of the company must be able to estimate the organization structure in a given period. It is necessary also to determine the type and number of the employees needed for the company.

• Human Resource development plan
This process refers to the implementation and development of the plan regarding with the human resource. It primarily consists of finding the labor sources in such a way that the sources will make and contribute for the better of the company.

That is how the manpower planning works. With the things that it can contribute with the company, this one must probably be considered because without having this one to be considered in the process of developing a company, success will never be possible after all.

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