Presentation skills for HR Managers: What you need to have

presentation skills for HR managers

Many people think that presentation skills for HR managers are subpar and not a primary necessity. However, an HR manager needs to be able to deliver a presentation well. It’s more than just communicating it’s more than just communicating the slides or reading the notes. To deliver a presentation well, the manager needs to have the necessary skills.

Must-Have Presentation Skills for an HR Manager

Each person can have their ideas on how to deliver a presentation. But they also need to consider what the audience is thinking. Terms of HR managers, they have more audience than just the employees. Sometimes, they also need to present their reports to the higher-ups or even a  prominent sponsor. Therefore, they need to have these five skills as follows:

1. Confident

Confidence may not come out in a day, but everyone can be confident enough to speak in public. As a manager, they need to speak in front of their team, the directors, as well as the employees. Being able to take the right position based on the audience is also part of having the right confidence.

Being confident also means putting trust in others. When the HR manager has to deliver a presentation it means that the topic is big enough since the manager addresses it. Therefore, it requires teamwork from the people who confide in and trust each other.

A confident presenter will share a positive vibe with the audience. They can be an effective communicator and efficiently induce respect from others. One thing to keep in mind is how being confident can be synonymous with being arrogant.  This is a task that one has to tackle to gain the trust of others at a professional level.

2. Can read the Room

Not everyone has the skill to read the room. Being sensitive to the situation is also necessary during a presentation.  This is crucial because it helps the presentation to stay engaging. While delivering the presentation, the manager needs to know when the audience is getting bored or need refreshment.

Some people may say that one needs to be an empath to be sensitive enough to read the mood. But everyone can read this skill and apply it accordingly. Reading the room means understanding when to change the tones of the presentation. It’s all about accommodating the audience as well as keeping the momentum going.

A manager who can’t read the room will either continue with the presentation as if nothing happened. They are also likely to be distracted by the weird mood and start getting off-topic.

3. Good Sense of Humor

A good laugh is crucial for everyone, especially during a presentation. When delivering a topic, the manager needs to include some jokes to light up the mood. But of course, timing and delivery make all of the difference.

A presentation with too many laughs will not be effective in delivering the topic. The same goes for a dry, monotone, and boring presentation. However, since everyone has a different sense of humor and the capacity to understand one, it’s best to start with small jokes.

A picture or pun between the slides can be a good point to showcase one’s sense of humor. Another option is to write the pun in a short paper and read it out loud after the presentation.

4. Articulate

What’s the point of presenting when the audience can’t hear your words well? However, being articulate is also about clarity and conciseness when delivering the presentation.

It’s common knowledge that some people are even willing to hire a coach to help them with public speaking. After all, speaking in public is very different than in a smaller group. Good enough consonants, clear vowels, and precise enunciation for each word can make a difference.

Being articulate means more audience will pay attention to what you have to say. You don’t have to repeat the same words multiple times. It also will reduce the audience who ask for unclear points. Therefore, the presentation can go smoothly with minimum interruptions.

5. Attentive

The final skill is being attentive. At a glance, being attentive is similar with able to read the room. But they are two different things. Reading the room means recognizing the mood to help you perfect the delivery. While being attentive is all about ensuring the audience that you hear them.

This skill is mostly usable during the Q&A session where the presenter needs to listen to the questions carefully. However, it doesn’t mean that being attentive has no other use during a presentation without Q&A.

An attentive manager will captivate the audience because they will think and feel impressed by the delivery. In short, anything the manager says will receive positive feedback from the audience.

Addressing the Negative Trait

Of course, everyone has negative traits that may show up during a presentation. It can be impatience, ignorance, and even being careless with the clock. While these traits may exist, they must stay hidden during public speaking.

It’s important to keep one’s composure during a presentation. Focusing on the topic of the best delivery will help everyone to keep their patience and generate adoration from others.

Despite the early dismissal and overlooked, presentation skills for HR managers are crucial to have. These skills will drive the manager to become a better leader and inspire the employees. As they will get to experience the interaction with kids in the summer.

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