My Training Skills as an HR Manager

As an HR manager, I was responsible for recruiting and training new employees, managing employee relations, and ensuring the company’s compliance with labor laws. But as the company grew, so did my responsibilities, and I realized that I needed to improve my training skills to keep up with the demands of the job.

My first step was to assess my current training skills and identify areas that needed improvement. I recognized that while I had experience in conducting training sessions, I lacked the skills to design effective training programs. I also needed to learn how to assess the effectiveness of the training and make adjustments as needed.

To address these gaps, I enrolled in a training course that covered instructional design, delivery methods, and evaluation techniques. The course was intensive, and I spent countless hours studying and practicing my new skills. But the effort was well worth it, as I gained a new level of confidence in my ability to create effective training programs.

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Examples of Key Performance Indicators for HR Managers

In global competency, human resource executives are the most important personnel in running a business company to execute proper flow of system within the organization. The job of human resource managers is getting information through its organizational environment to determine what expectations to support Human Resource Department’s functionality.

KPI or Key Performance Indicators for HR managers features to assist employees defines whether their performance encounters the job expectations and principles.

Key performance indicators for HR managers are important feature to measure performance within the organization.

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