Why Are Incompetent Children from Wealthy Families More Successful Than Bright Children from Low-Income Families?

Being born as an incompetent child from a wealthy family proved more advantageous than being born as a bright and intelligent child from a low-income family. This is a sobering fact worthy of consideration.

This is a truth revealed by a scientific study conducted by researchers at Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce in the United States.

The study was conducted in America, but it appears that similar findings would be found if the study is replicated in other countries around the world, including Indonesia.

In more detail, the study’s findings show an intriguing fact: the probability of bright children from low-income families achieving financial success is only 31%, whereas the possibility of incompetent children from wealthy families achieving financial success is 71%. This indicates that incompetent children from wealthy families have a considerably greater chance of success than bright children from low-income families.

Why did this rather alarming scenario happen? The answer might be as simple as this: wealthy families having the financial means to send their children to college or university. In contrast, with low-income parents.

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