Why Are Incompetent Children from Wealthy Families More Successful Than Bright Children from Low-Income Families?

Being born as an incompetent child from a wealthy family proved more advantageous than being born as a bright and intelligent child from a low-income family. This is a sobering fact worthy of consideration.

This is a truth revealed by a scientific study conducted by researchers at Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce in the United States.

The study was conducted in America, but it appears that similar findings would be found if the study is replicated in other countries around the world, including Indonesia.

In more detail, the study’s findings show an intriguing fact: the probability of bright children from low-income families achieving financial success is only 31%, whereas the possibility of incompetent children from wealthy families achieving financial success is 71%. This indicates that incompetent children from wealthy families have a considerably greater chance of success than bright children from low-income families.

Why did this rather alarming scenario happen? The answer might be as simple as this: wealthy families having the financial means to send their children to college or university. In contrast, with low-income parents.

Being able to independently fund their children’s college and university education is one indicator that the parents are well-off.

That means, if you were able to attend university at the expense of your parents in the past, your parents fall into the category of a wealthy family.  And this is not something you can take lightly.

It is a truly valuable privilege if your parents are able to pay for your university tuition until it is completed. If you have ever graduated from university, you belong to an incredibly fortunate generation. Because only 8.5 percent of our country’s population has had the opportunity to complete a university education.

Another scientific fact worthy of note is that research in numerous countries around the world shows that graduating from an undergraduate program determines our financial success in the future. According to one study, the average salary of undergraduates is always much higher than the income of vocational/high school graduates.

So, if some people drop out of college and later become successful and wealthy, this is an outlier. This is an extremely unusual event. A 1 to 10,000 ratio, or even higher. Therefore, if someone tells you that you don’t need a university degree to be wealthy, that person has fallen victim to what is known as “statistical stupidity.”

To return to the original point, why are incompetent children from wealthy families more successful than bright children from poor ones?

One of them was that these bright children from low-income families did not continue their studies to the university level. Many of them just attend high school or even junior high school, despite having high academic potential. They were unable to complete or continue their education due to a lack of funding. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in our country.

Bright children from low-income families sometimes only graduate from high school or junior high school, and their financial future is pretty bleak, despite the fact that they have the potential to become great individuals. Their fate was thrown off by the fact that their parents were poor and underprivileged.

Because they only graduated from high school, these bright students will only be able to find employment at a minimum wage.  In the long run, their level of income will remain stagnant. As a result, when they have children, it will be difficult to pay for their future education. Their children will remain at a relatively low income level because they do not have access to higher education. This vicious cycle will keep spinning on and on.

This also explains why so many individuals have been locked in hand-to-mouth living for decades.

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According to the research, there are truths that we can implicitly catch. If someone is born into a low income family (or is unable to pay for their children’s university tuition), the odds of this child’s financial success will decrease. Children who have considerable financial assistance from their parents have a much better chance of success.

Incompetent children from wealthy families are more likely to succeed since they have access to better facilities and education. Their parents will be able to afford a high-quality school, despite the high cost. Furthermore, their parents will easily afford to buy textbooks, laptops, or various courses required for their children’s future success.

The bottom line is that their parents’ relatively abundant financial support will enable these children to achieve success in the future.

There is a well-known saying that goes something like this: “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake.”

It is believed that the wise saying was once stated by Jack Ma or Bill Gates.

Unfortunately, this inspirational saying does not correspond to the many scientific findings in poverty studies. That is, if a person is born into a poor family, statistically speaking, they are very likely to die poor as well.

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