Getting the Best People via Social Recruitment Strategy

You will reckon how social media affects the lives of majority of people. Any company who had set up its website had envisioned to include a social media platform for its recruitment strategy.

There are only a few companies that do not make use of Facebook or LinkedIn to find the best talents. Why is it very essential to use social media as strategy to find the best people? The answer is very simple. The job seekers and enterprisers belong to a generation of internet and social media addicts.

Workers, professionals, students and even children had made the internet as a great tool for communicating and in the end opening a new world full of promises for better life. This is the reason why you can consider talent search and social recruitment strategy to be highly associated in finding the best people for the workforce. The best human resources can be found when you use the social networking sites as recruitment gateway.

Social recruitment strategy as a tool to find best people

When you use social media as a recruitment strategy, you do not need to totally eradicate the traditional method of printed media advertising.

By integration of these two, you will be able to have a wider reach to candidates. Constant communication between you and the job seeker may evolve and the recruitment strategy will enable you to know the candidate better and for his part, the job seeker gains solid insight about your company.

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The social media sites provide the market of interaction between the hirers and hired talents. Instead of merely accessing the CVs and resumes, the employer can interact with the prospective candidate. The success of this strategy is to foster regular communication between the company and the job seeker in all the stages of the recruitment process.

With the traditional recruitment way, the response from either of the hirer and the job finder takes time such that the relationship does not push through. The company seeks other candidates and the job seeker applies to other companies, all because of the delayed reaction from either side. This is the difference when you use the social media for the hiring strategy.

There is a personal touch from either side where the responses are prompt and the interaction is more personalized instead of being automated.

The social media simplifies the recruitment process

Social media has emerged as viable recruitment strategy for two reasons. It is free so you do not have to spend a dime to use the site. The different social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn had become viral so they give a company the chance to gather and share information with a single click of the mouse. Moreover, the search can go farther, beyond geographical boundaries.

The recruitment is not only faster and further simplification comes from the availability of social recruiting software. Used as recruitment strategy, the said software enables the quick search for candidates and talents. Entering the keyword such as resume, the software will search the web and results will be available in a short while. Furthermore, when the resume is extracted, the information will be in the company database for future reference and background check. This will speed up the recruitment process to source candidates fast.

The interrelation between social recruiting and talent search

From the perspective of the job recruiters, this social media strategy works well with talent search. In using this, it is easier to find the talents who are well-adept to media and IT professions because these job seekers are more familiar with the social media websites. For other talents in other industries, it may not be as fast and easy but is doable because everybody in this world is already internet literate.

Social media today had been widespread in use as a recruitment strategy because of the facility in reaching out to many jobseekers and hiring companies. The internet helps in reaching millions of people in a breeze and in a fraction of seconds. With this strategy, the social media platform is converted into a kind of job directory.

Recruitment with LinkedIn – A Case of Changing E-Recruitment Era

A company’s dependence on online recruiting had dramatically increased. It is primarily for financial cost savings which is merely a fraction of the cost paid on the traditional job printed advertising method. It is not only cost saving but time saving as well because a click of the mouse will already make you gain access to insurmountable number of job seekers. The social media sites are the means to online recruiting.

A site with professionals as account users, LinkedIn is one of the strategies used by many companies. This is from the perspective of an employer.

For the part of the job searcher, the opportunity cost for employment search dramatically decreases because of the internet. Online job seekers can search and apply for jobs in various locations at one time without spending money in going to the actual site or company HR department. Job applications for several companies can be done simultaneously in the confines of the applicant’s house.

Integration of recruitment with LinkedIn as a strategy

Why has recruitment with LinkedIn become super popular? Aren’t companies looking for professional workers? The social site then for searching talents is through the LinkedIn, a site whose account holders are mostly professionals and businessmen.

LinkedIn is now the professional networking way for recruiters to find, connect and screen candidates to any job position.

A firm can make use of the company profile page to display job vacancy ads as well as job descriptions. The recruitment with LinkedIn seems to be tailor-made for professional and business interaction. Using this site as a recruitment strategy, you save a lot of time and effort to find the desirable employee.

We can further breakdown what the tools for recruitment with LinkedIn can do in the recruitment process. We take a look from the applicant’s side then from the view point of the hiring company.

Recruitment for a job applicant’s benefit

As the account owners of LinkedIn are mostly professionals, this platform provides for a professional network. As a jobseeker, you showcase in LinkedIn all your qualifications which can range from personal, educational to work experiences. The skills are displayed such that job employers can match these qualifications to what is needed from an employee.

Your name is already in the database so when the company does the search by name you can be easily located. The recruitment with LinkedIn tool also allows for advance search where the employer can search your specific skills. Finally, references enumerated in your resume of CV can be scrutinized and contacted by the hiring company. You can be subjected to background check.

LinkedIn recruitment for the employing company

LinkedIn can be a goldmine of variable talents; it has a diversity of talented professionals from which your company can find the needed employee. In the LinkedIn, you showcase your company’s profile. Jobseekers can see all about the company and may be able to interact with you in a business-like manner. The recruitment with LinkedIn can be a marketing tool by a company for the right branding.

Your company profile will let the jobseeker identify the company he is prospecting to be his employer.

As a recruiter, you have a specific service to offer to a talent. You highlight this aspect so that the jobseeker can easily associate your services to what he is able to do or what he is interested in. LinkedIn will give your business the opportunity to interact with millions of both active and passive job searchers who are part of the LinkedIn site. Any job that you have posted will reach talents.

Although some of the parts of recruitment with LinkedIn are free and some are paid, you have the option to choose what you need. If ever you opt for the paid LinkedIn service, rest assured that it is still cheaper than the traditional job vacancy ads contained in printed media.

Recruitment with LinkedIn is not only for the use of the hiring company. This platform works for both the job searcher and the prospective employer. You can have a personal account and use this for your job search. On the other hand, a company is in LinkedIn such that interaction between job seekers and companies can take place.

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