HR Management Environment is Changing, Along with the Change of the World

Hr Management

Hr Management

HR Management Environment today is very different from HRM the past. I believe that HRM professional who retired 20 years ago or maybe 10 years ago will amaze with the significant change in human resources management today. The changing is necessity to adjust the change of the world, including the change in business environment, jobs nature, worker’s personal character, social values, globalization, and technology.

Business environment is ongoing changing environment as people find a new way to run business, new systems, new strategies, new competitions, new way to relate with each other, new technology, new law, and much more changes. HR management must adjust to the change in business environment because HRM is inseparable part of business. HRM need to support the business in the fullest in order to reach the objectives of the business. For example, HRM today is not merely taking care of the relation between employer and employees but should taking care of the entire shareholders of employers, employees, stockholders, and customers as well as the external related parties.

The change of jobs nature, social values, and worker’s personal characters are linked one another that resulting the change of HR Management Environment. Emancipation plays a big part on it. How public give more trust and honor to women and how women become stronger day by day makes so many roles that traditionally made for men are now available to be filled by women. The increasing respect to the disables also creates changes as many businesses are now welcoming disables to the workplace. People are now giving more respect to others but individualism is also growing. It affects the competition between workers and a new challenge for HRM to promoting teamwork.

Globalization that links nations of the world in global relationships make the business need to be stronger and HRM must give stronger supports by gathering the best personnel and creating the best team. HRM must able to create strategic plan in recruitments, training and development, retain the key employees, and preparing the successor.

As the company try to spread the wings and open branch overseas, the challenges become more complex because the business will meet different culture, economy condition, social condition, laws, and others. HRM must able to create a good combination of local workers and workers from headquarter in order to adjust with local environment while maintain company culture, vision, and mission.

Technology is another important entity that changes HR Management Environment. Actually, technology change so many things including economy, business, personal matters, social values, jobs nature, how the world connected, and even change the practices in HRM. With technology, everything is done faster, simpler, and with less boundaries. So many jobs are now could be done online. It is now possible to hire someone in distance without the need to work at the office. It is also possible to hire people through social media. Technology is also change the way of HRM run the system. The use of computers and networks make it easier to collect information, make analysis, broadcasts news, create report, gather reports, shares feedbacks, and much more.

HR Management Environment is changing with so much improvement but also greater challenge. Therefore, HRM personnel should have more knowledge, skills, and abilities to survive.

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