5 Focus Areas in Employee Development

Employee Development

Employee Development

When we talk about current employees of an organization, we can’t cut out the talk on how a company develop the quality of its employees. The latter is the most important aspects of management. For any companies, employees help shaping the future of organization, and thus they must realize the importance of employee development. Consider employees as part of investment. Without making a great deal in investing employees, a company won’t move closer even an inch in meeting the bright future. Of course there are several areas to focus in terms of development of employees.

Since the main goal is to develop employees’ skills, raise confidence and increase their knowledge, as well as uncover hidden talents, there are at least 5 areas that needs to be focused, particularly if we are talking about employee development:

  1. Coaching

It involves regular discussions between the employee and a manager. The goal is simple: to improve employee’s performance. In any companies, coaching will be used as a tool that hopefully can help a manager in dealing with poor performance of employees. So basically, coaching here became very crucial within employee development. It raises the performance of employees to a higher level. There are at least 4 things to consider:

  • Having regular meeting to discuss the progress of development
  • Create and develop a plan to improve the knowledge and skills of employees
  • Define which area in which the employee are committed to improving
  • Discuss and discover areas that needs to be improved by employees.
  1. Counseling

This is a discussion which has only one purpose: help the employee to fix any problem or difficulties. In term of employee development, stress or pressure became two factors detected. In this sense, a company must teach employees how to deal with negative emotions so that they can learn how to handle them.

  1. Mentoring

This is about overall career guidance and growth. The essence is only one: motivate the worker and help them to define their potential. Furthermore, a manager should help the employee by guiding them in achieving the potential. In this sense, a manager should help the employee to see their future role in a company, and later show them why developing a career plan become so important. A manager then, being a mentor that interact with the worker on a daily basis.

  1. Teaching

It resolves around essential skills, which take focus on thinking skills, continuous learning, computer use, and working with others. In term of thinking skills, one must be able to be critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving. ‘Teaching’ here also involves more such as the ability to finding information and significant use of memory.

  1. Training

This will be related to how to expand technical skills of the employee, and it is an essential part of the whole discussion related to the development of employee. The main focus is to gain expert knowledge in specific area. A manager should help by encouraging and advising the worker. It may involve gaining knowledge from experts, obtaining certifications, and taking classes.

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