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Strategic Hr Planning

Strategic Hr Planing

When talking about one of important components of strategic HR management, we should not put strategic HR planning out of conversation. There is a link built between the strategic plan and HR management, so that both of them is truly inseparable. Most organizations, from mid to large size, should have a strategic plan which in essence function as a map that will guide them in making their mission successful. So basically an organization has to complete financial plans, from which it can measure whether or not organizational goals have been successfully reached. Within such understanding, workforce plans also considered important although is not too important.

A company or organization that has only 10 staffs need to develop a strategic plan, which in essence will guide it to reach any purpose in the future. Development of strategic HR plan roots from the strategic plan. It allows an organization’s HR to make management decision, which later will support the future direction of the company. From a point of budgetary, strategic HR planning take part in which it helps calculate a few of factors in terms of cost, such as training, recruitment, etc. These all will be put into an organization’s operating budget.

There are at least three purposes of strategic HR planning:

  • Remain flexible. This considered as an important part, from which an organization can manage any change that will come in the future. Furthermore, by creating flexible plan, one can anticipate any factors that could occur in the future and which one that give impact for the future of organization.
  • Keep up with technological, legislative, economic, and social trends that will likely give impact on human resources in specific sector and area.
  • Ensure adequate human resources in order to meet operational plans and strategic goals of a company/organization. It means that a good plan will help a company find the right people at the right time, and with the right capability.

Prediction of the future needs of the company became a thing related to HR planning. It is then need some analysis in terms of the future HR environment, the external labor market, and current human resources available within an organization. Managing and developing scenarios related to the future of company also became thing that distinguishes operational planning from strategic planning.

Thus there are at least four steps of strategic HR planning:

  1. Making assessment for the current capacity of HR

It means the HR department need to identify the abilities, skills, and knowledge of current staff. A skills inventory will then have to be developed.

  1. Create forecast related to HR requirements

A forecast has to be realistic, consisting a full calculation over supply and demand on workers/employees needed. What kind of skills, jobs and how many staffs needed to achieve a specific mission of company.

  1. Doing gap analysis

Determine the gap between the current position of organization and where your company wants to be in the future. The analysis should cover a number of identification, including make a calculation on how much the current staff you have and what kind of abilities and skills required.

  1. Supporting organizational strategies to support HR strategies

Collaboration, outsourcing, recruitment, training and development, and restructuring strategies will be needed.

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