How to Recruit Employee with AI: Revolutionizing the Recruitment Process

how to recruit employee with AI

Many companies are guides on how to recruit employee with AI. These days, AI is nothing new as it helps the process into a more efficient and streamlined one. As the job market gets even more competitive for both companies and employees, they have no other choice but to use AI. Artificial Intelligence.

Utilizing AI for recruiting can help a company of any size to find the best candidates. And the applicants can use AI to find the best-matched company to work and be loyal with.

How to Recruit Employee with AI

Instead of thinking of it as a high-tech thing, AI for the recruitment process comes in various forms. One of the most popular is the applicant tracking system or ATS. This system will automate the screening process. It will notify the HR if an applicant has applied before and the HR can compare their applications.

Anyhow, AI is not a magic trick as HR still needs to do some leg work during the recruiting process. The difference is they only need to work less on some of the repetitive tasks of screening and streamlining the process. They can focus on preparing the applicants for seamless integration into the company.

Using AI for recruiting means utilizing new technology for the company’s benefit. And even though it sounds scary at first, AI can be the answer that the company has been looking for all these years.

Benefits of Using AI for Recruiting

AI comes with various benefits, primarily on how HR can tailor the parameter to fit their needs at that time. Here are some of the most prominent benefits that the company can enjoy.

· Increased Efficiency

AI is equal to being efficient. Utilizing AI for recruiting can massively improve efficiency. Since up to 80% of the applications are unqualified candidates, HR has been wasting their time doing the screening process. It reduces up to 24 working hours for HR to get to the next process.

But with an AI, HR can set the parameters and have the AI work on the arduous tasks. AI will screen the applicants and send notifications when they have enough applicants.

Using AI is more than just speeding up the recruiting process. It’s about being efficient in streamlining the recruitment process. Also, it takes the burden off of HR on losing the best applicant from not being fast enough.

· Improved Candidate Quality

In addition to the automated process, the company also will see improvement in the candidates who apply. This result is separate from the automated screening process. Most companies can see the improvement after using AI for recruitment at least four to six times.

In some cases, they may see the improvement right away. As the words get around on how the company has been looking and hiring only high-quality applicants. Both candidates and the company can benefit from this situation.

When more candidates meet their ideal companies and vice versa, it will lead to better employee retention. Happier employees mean they are more productive and less likely to resign after only a few years of working.

· Cost Savings

Even though the initial cost may be high, using AI can save the company in the long run. HR doesn’t have to work long hours. They also can assess the applicants better and only hire the best candidates.

Using good software during the recruitment process also helps the company in managing the employees. They can work on efficient and effective working conditions that will guarantee the best productivity.

Potential Challenges of AI in Employee Recruitment

Keep in mind that there is no perfect technology, and AI is not an exception. There are several issues that the company will face from using AI during its recruitment process. Even with all of the benefits, some companies often choose to neglect AI altogether.

· Data Privacy

With data rising in importance as the new currency of late, keeping it private has become a priority. However, the company may be risking some of the applicants’ data when they use AI software.

Since most of these software are using cloud technology, they are susceptible to a digital attack. Security is only becoming more important.

The solution to this issue is by having an in-house recruiting system. They still can use AI but with limited capabilities to prevent data leaks. However, it may not be the best solution since an in-house system takes years to develop and there is no guarantee for them to give the expected result.

· Human Error

Most people forget that AI technology still needs human interference. In terms of use, human, or in this case HR, is responsible for the result. They need to input the values and parameters they are looking for. And since it’s one of the initial recruitment steps, any mistake in hiring can happen.

Another error that may happen is how HR misinterprets the AI result. Just because it’s from the machine, it doesn’t mean that it has an absolute value. AI as a model language is still undergoing the process to recognize other qualities and parameters.

Even though they use AI, HR still needs to do some manual work on the process. They need to manually check some of the candidates that AI deemed as highly unqualified. No need to worry since it may only be a small percentage of the whole applicants.


Recruiting with AI can be very beneficial for the company that has been working to streamline its process. HR doesn’t have to spend long hours screening the applicants.

The more they do less strenuous work, the more they can focus on other HR-related work. They can focus on employee retention and provide a good working situation for the recruit.

Despite all of the benefits, HR also must be aware of the challenges in the recruiting process. In addition to knowing how to recruit employee with AI, HR also can learn how to tackle the challenges.

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