Good Ways to Recruit an Employee



When you have a position in your office as Human Resources then you will find many things to do. One of the tasks that HR should do is recruitment the employee. Recruitment process is so important because it becomes the starting point to make the company have high qualification people inside. When companies do not have good people then it will become a big problem. You, have to understand that the responsibility to work well must be overpowered by every employee there. Here are some good ways that HR can do to make the recruitment process run well.

Recruitment process is a kind of long journey and long process. Every position and every company has different standard when they want to hire an employee. It means that the HR has to push their energy to fulfill the request from the company. The position of the HR is in the middle between the company and the employee. That is the reason why become a good HR is a big challenge. The HR should be neutral because they have to run the instruction from the company but also need to be the good friend for the employee that they recruit before.

When you are have a job as HR and you have to recruit the employee then you better follow some instruction below. It will help you in choosing the good candidate for your company qualification and make you finally can reach the goal.

  1. Make a specify about the employee qualification

This first step is important. Every position in your company need different target of employee. You should know about the need of the employee of every position. Make a line about the employee qualification and decide about the character. It will really help you to reach your goal faster.

  1. Make a communicative job advertisement

When you want to publish the job advertisement then you should make a clear and detail information there. Give a little information about the background company, the benefit, and responsibility for the employee also the salary. The employees need to know about their future on some company when they want to apply for the job. The more job applicants that come to your office then it will be the better for you.

  1. Make a job phases according to the job qualification

Make a good test that will show you about the character of the job applicant and the skill. Make a good line and good step for every position. For example when you need an accountant then you should give an accounting test, the psychology test and the interview test.

  1. Do the double side interview

The double side interview will help you to know about the employee candidate more. You can give the job applicant to ask about something also give them a good question about the strategy then they can be accepted as the employee there.

After those all process above then you can decide and does the recruitment process in the right line. You can also ask some help from them who are expert in this job.

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