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Performance Management

Performance Management

Talking about the Human Resource Management will be so interesting. HR has lots of task that have a connection to the company and the employee in one time. Become a good Human Resource is not easy because you should be expert in putting yourself in the middle of the company and the employee. You have to know about placing yourself so that you can reach your target between those two responsibilities. When the company has some request then you should accept it but make it suitable with the employee capacity. This responsibility will be so crucial to every HR.

For the definition, the performance management is a systematic approach to improve the individual or team performance in achieving the goal. The definition talks about three important things that you should know.

  • Systematic

This is about the organization performance (individual or team) that have good connection between one and another as a systematic. This step will not run as a single regulation.

  • Individual or team

The team or the individual target must be divided into small parts. The target should have a good and proportional presentation that support one and another. The causality should be kept well in this part.

  • The organization purpose

There will be two big organization purposes. The first is about the profit and the second is about the growth. All things done by the employee must lead to those purposes. When the employee do not show the good act means that it should be revised.

The performance management approach actually divided into four parts, they are:

  1. The first step is all about the performance plan. In this part you will have some important things like key performance indicator, strategic target, target & standard. You also have to do some time oriented work, specific, measurable, realistic and also achievable. The director of the company should make the target plan then deliver it until the lowest level of the company.
  2. Informal coach & feedback will be the second step. In this part you are already do the plan above. The feedback will be the important aspect for the employee so that they can push their energy to be the best part to reach your company goals.
  3. Development plan and the performance appraisal will be the evaluation part. The evaluation part will make the employee, company also the HR know about the achievement along the time limit.
  4. The last is about giving some appreciation to the employee when they can reach the goal and get good target for it. You also can give some note to make them develop their capacity for their next level.

Finally, the performance management has the purpose to get the best employee performance and the organization. It will make the company can reach the target about the profit total and the growth also. The employee can also develop their skill to do the high qualification of job from the company. From the information above we will understand that performance management is a kind of important thing in every company.

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