3 Types of Training Need Analysis


Human Resource Department has so many things to do. One of the biggest responsibilities that they should make is about Training Need Analysis (TNA). Training is the important aspect that company should give to the entire employee. Without giving time to do that then the employee will be stuck. Work world is always run fast. Everything changes in a very fast way. The technology, education and other aspects will move so fast and you should know about it well. Training will make the company spend so much money but the employee will give the big feedback later.

Training Need Analysis will make us know about the need of the employee. HR should understand that every single employee, every department even position need different training. Of course, they must have high skill so that they can reach the company goal about standard, income and rank. Good company should have better level every year. The progress should be better than the last year. That is the reason why having the good quality of employee is a must but support them to have better education and skill are also the company responsibility.

Here are the 3 types of the Training Need Analysis that you as the HR should know. Each of them is important and you should decide which one that your company need.

Person Analysis

The first TNA is about person analysis. The analysis on this part focuses on the person itself. The detail is about on the person level who will be the one that work on each position. For the example is the level person for the manager position. The biggest position means that you should make more complete analysis. They should have big skill, better experiences also good personality. Become a manager will make someone have big income but also they should know about being a real manager. They should be the best in people management and know about each detail job description of each employee.

Task Analysis

This training is focus on the task needed by some position. Each position will have different task and also responsibility. And task analysis will analyze to know about the skill needed on each position. After knowing about the skill needed, then the HR will decide the best training that the employee should have.  The curriculum will be the standard for all people on each position because the focus in on the task they should master in and not on the people.

  • Organizational Analysis

This analysis will help the company to predict about the strategy future business. The strategies will have two aspects that are corporate values and corporate strategies. The training will be focus on the purpose of the company itself. For example is the company focus on micro business then it means each employee should know about technical skill of micro business so well.

When the company can finally do the TNA then it will give good progress. The employee can also have the better skill and knowledge because the company gives them good time to join the training session.

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