Employee Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process


Human Resource will be the most important department that will do the recruitment process. Sometimes, other people think that to recruit an employee does not need big effort. Of course, that opinion is totally wrong. When the HR department does the wrong steps then they may choose the wrong employee too. Every company has each different requirement to make the progress better. Each department and each position will also have different standard of employee too. That will be the HR job description to find the best people that can fulfill each position needed.

Here, will be the information about the employee recruitment process. In this process you will find some steps that you should understand. The HR should know about the recruitment procedure so that they can complete their job well. Just read the information below to have better understanding about the topic above.

Focus on job requirements.

Every department and every position has different requirements. As the HR you should understand about the basic skill that the employee should have for every single position. Based on that information, you can select for the list of the job applicant that you already have. When you can find the standard on one of them then you may forward the process, but if you cannot find the best from them then just open the new job vacancy.

  • Make a good job description.

This part will become the important. You have to prepare about the job description of each position. It will be the important to know about the job evaluation, selection process, etc. Decide about the right standard of the education background also the job experiences.

  • Get the candidate.

Now it is the time for you to open the vacancy. You can use some media to forward the information like magazine, newspaper, radio, job fair or other social media. Give a clear and complete description about the job and also the benefit when they join to your company. Do not forget to give complete information about the contact number, email or address that can be the place for the job applicant to send their document.

  • Selection process

Now, you are in the last process of the recruitment process. Selection process is not easy. Some department may take long process until they finally get the best candidate. You can do the administration process for the document that already comes to your office, after that call them to join the test or interview. Some of the test that you can do is like logical test, psychology test, interview test, group discussion test, etc. The test for each position may be different. The head department is usually have their own standard for it.

In the employee recruitment process you have to be professional in selecting the candidate. You cannot just choose and accept them as the employee in your company. You have to decide from their experiences, educational background also for their personality. Some recruitment process can do by online system but the other part should do directly.

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