Training and Development in Human Resource

talent development

talent development

Human Resource Management is always interesting to discuss. Every good company is always having good Human Resource. When the company care about their employee then it will make the company get good feedback. Of course, when people work hard they have to get a good appreciation as the reward. We know that working without any good feedback will make employee feel unappreciated. That will become fatal problem because it can be the bad thing that can bring the company to the lower level. Company has a system and the system run by the employee. Those three aspects cannot be divided.

To make the company profit and growth grow well then human resource management should be the best aspect. In this world, there is no company that can have good image and good reputation when they have no good employee. Employees are the biggest asset. You can compare when the company so tricky to the employee then it will make the company stuck to the same point. Be a good company with a good system and stay loyal to the employee. The feedback that the company gets will be so amazing.

Every employee and the talents that work in a company need so many things. They do not only need good income, good level position and also other facilities from the company but also they need training to develop their skill. This modern world is run so fast. There is many new system and technology that always make us feel so small. Give your people good time to study about their background so that they can put in into their job description in the office. The training also becomes the good point to develop your company and the people inside. You can bring the employee to have refreshment training like outing, outbound that have interesting material like leadership training.

Every level on the company has different training need. The HR can make a training analysis to know about the need of the talent. When the company gives a training based on the need then it will be more effective. The result will be better too. Every level can give single training for the team and the speaker is usually the head of department but you can also give a chance for all company members to have regular training like soft skill. Some material like service excellence, public speaking, handling customer and hospitality are good for the employee to develop their soft skill. It can be a good time to know each other for the company employee in the office.

Training and development program should manage well. The process of development will need long time but the result will be so good. The company can use the recommended training vendor that has good speaker so that it can be good way to make a high spirit for the training member. For a higher level like in managerial level it will need professional speaker that can deliver the formal material based on the job background.

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