Implementing an Employee Development and Training Program: Goal and Responsibility

Training and Development


A person must aware of a value of learning, which becomes an act that happens all the time. Within a realm of organization or company, an employee must do a lot of everyday activity in order to learn something from it. Furthermore, s/he can learn much from the whole phenomena that is going on around the sphere of workspace. Employee development and training program is the responsibility of the company. However, it is at the same time a shared responsibility of the employee and the management. From the management point of view: training program provide the right environment and resources that in essence will be used to support the development and growth of the employee.

In order to make employee development and training program successful, a management should do the following things:

  • Give support to staffs, especially when they identify learning activities that put them on position as an asset to your company both current and in the future.
  • Encourage employee to manage, create and develop individual plan in relation to development. The management should explain the whole process of employee development too.
  • Look in every-day activity and learn whether or not there is learning opportunities. For example: a company may have a check on a new government report, and examine whether it has implications for the company.
  • Develop a good understanding of the abilities, skills, and knowledge that will be needed by the organization. Every organization always have the long-term goals and so it should be checked. By doing this, management can predict the implications of any goals for employee development. The result of prediction should be shared with staff.
  • Provide a set of training which needed by employees. This has to be done in order to meet the basic competencies for the work.
  • A clear job description becomes the foundation upon which development and training activities are made.

Everyday activities provide many resources from which management can learn how to create a successful employee development. Furthermore, the management should also identify activities and goals for development. They also need to prepare a set of development plan for each individual employee.

For the individual employee, there are 4 steps related to employee development and training program:

  1. Self-assessment

This is first step where employee identifies her or weakness, strengths, values, abilities, and skills using a self-assessment tool that can be found on the internet. An employee may compare the abilities, skills, and knowledge to those which had been identified in the job description. Moreover, s/he also need to ask some feedback from the supervisor and doing review over performance assessments.

  1. Assess your work environment and your current position

The employee doing this at the current time. S/he also need to do some measurement and look for the answer on how the requirement of the organization and the position may alter.

  1. Identify development activities

This is the step where an employee must be able to identify the best methods to achieve the development goals.

  1. Put any plan in action

Review any plan with your supervisor and then start working on it. Furthermore, s/he can start working out the plan and evaluate it if necessary.

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