Training and Development Main Activities for Organization in General

Training And Development

Training And Development

Training and development is a function to improve job performance in organizational settings. Depend on the type of the organization; training and development could be implemented in various activities. However, training and development main activities are generally the same for every organization. The main activities are described in the following.

The first activity is training. This activity is usually executed as soon as the employee is hired because it focuses on the current job. It trains the employee to the job right, which aligned with company culture and objectives. After initial training, employee could get more training in order to give them more jobs and responsibilities in their current position. Training could be given to the part-timer, contract worker, and full timer. Since training is focuses on current job, it will be evaluated against the job.

The second activity is education. This activity is usually executed after the employee spends a certain period in the company. Education focuses on the potential jobs that the individual may hold in the future. It educates the participant to get more knowledge, understanding, skills, and abilities to do the job well in the future. Education is commonly given to full-timer who will be promoted or contract worker that would be sponsored to become full-timer. Since the future jobs are specific, the education is usually evaluated against the jobs.

The third activity is development. This activity is usually executed as soon as possible as the employee hired and continuous. Development focuses on activities that may partake in the future, in which the organization employs the individual. The development activities are prepared to enhance employee’s employability and values, so in the future, they will get more responsibilities and improvement in their career. Development is also expedient in finding the fit job for individual to improve effectiveness and productivity. This activity is usually does not evaluated against specific jobs but evaluated in general value.

Those training and development main activities may be divided into activities that are more specific depend on organization condition, strategy, and objectives. HR department is the facilitators that create strategic planning to train, educate, and develop every employee for the sake of the company. While HR department is the facilitator, senior managers would be the sponsors, line managers will responsible to the coaching, and the providers are specialists in the field. Sometime, the agendas and motivations of each party conflict with the others. Conflicts are part of career consequences but need to solve immediately. Everybody should aware their position, role, and responsibilities.

Training and development should be implemented as a whole. In some cases, the organization only focuses on two activities, training and education while development is neglected. Those cases are not recommended because development is important in preparing the future of organization. Development is also significant in increasing employee engagement and commitment with organization. It will lead to increasing of job satisfaction, productivity, organization stability, and possibility of improvement in the future. For that reason, organization should implement all training and development main activities on their organizational development strategy. A good training and development program will create strong human power that will run the company to the top.

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