Talent Development Strategies to Engage Employees in Long-Term

Talent development

Talent development

Talent development strategies are the way to engage employees in the long-term and keep their commitment to the company. Maintaining employee’s engagement and commitment to the company is part of HR jobs. Retaining key employees is very important in order to maintain stability of the company because finding capable, talented, and trusted employees is not an easy job. Although it maybe easy to find new hires, it would be hard to get the quality. In addition, it would be a waste if you lose high quality employees that you found them with much effort. It would be worst if you lose them to your competitor. Therefore, it is very important to add talent development to your talent management.

Talent development is the part of talent management that will help you to maximize person-job fit, give them the opportunity to do more, possibility to have career improvement. It will increase job satisfaction because when employee fit the job, they will satisfy and more engage to the company. When employee gets more things to do and get more in rewards, they will feel more valuable, engage more to the company, and give long-term commitment.

There are several talent development strategies to be implemented. One thing crucial is to start it as soon as the day one-begin. It is possible to lose superior talent in the second day so engage them from the first day. In orientation, besides informing the new hires about organization’s culture, values, policies, vision, and mission, you need to explain how their position will give contribution the company in achieving missions and objectives.

To encourage long-term commitment, you need to invest in training. It is true that training will cost a lump sum but the benefits are greater than the cost. Employees will appreciate the training as they master new skills and improve their value. Training is how the organization shows commitment to employees. In return, the organization will receive commitment from the employees.

In order to find the fit job to each individual, you can utilize performance reviews. Carry out performance reviews regularly to reveal strengths and weaknesses of each employee and to know what kind of job they enjoy the most. Process the information you get and tailor job responsibilities that will optimize productivity. If possible, give promotion to eligible employee to the position that fit them.

Since nobody want to stay the same all the time, you need to set challenging goals to keep them spirited and engaged. Set the challenge in the level that hard to reach but achievable. It will show them that you recognize their value and it will encourage commitment. The company will also get the benefits due to the improvement of productivity when employee works better.

In some condition, you can give more autonomy to your employee based on their expertise. It will boost their self-esteem and self-efficacy, as they feel acknowledged by the company. It is also beneficial to increase organization’s efficiency.

After you know the crucial talent development strategies, you need to understand that talent development should be continuous. As the organization run continuously, you need to develop your talents and retain them to support the company in continuous program.

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