Technology in Performance Management Improves Efficiency and Output

Perfomance Managament

Perfomance Managament

HR technology is one of the keys on modern human resources management. It is significant in every HR areas, including performance management. Technology in performance management is brought by the use of computers, networks, specific apps, and mobile technology to help performance management processing. The result is improvement in efficiency and output of performance management system.

Performance management often get bad rap due to ineffective process, poor implementation, high cost, and inaccurate appraisal. Technology in performance management could make big different in the process, implementation, cost, and appraisal. The benefits are including:

  • Technology could simplify the evaluation process. With technology, evaluation process could be done in simple system that will reduce time for the managers and related parties to deal with administrative aspects. As the time is reduced, there would be more time that could be used by the managers and staffs to create strategy to increase performance in the upcoming year.
  • With technology, managers will easily monitor performance and keep tracks the measures, objectives, and achievements. Even it is possible to do the monitoring from distance with the use of network and mobile technology. It makes things effective and efficient.
  • Collecting and broadcasting information is now very easy with the use of technology. Managers could easily gather information from variety of sources, including individual job, surveys, and supervisory information. Information is also easily spread to related parties so everybody could get sufficient information. It will increase employee’s satisfaction and reduce the potency of misunderstanding because they get actual information from trustable source.
  • Online networks and mobile technology are essential instrumental to connect and communicate with others. It will useful for both reviewers and the employees. Reviewers could easily make frequent feedback to employees so the employees will know whether they meet expectation of their job performance or not. Employee could have constant access to participate in their reviews to the system.
  • A structured performance evaluation process with possibility for the employee to take part in evaluation process by creating employee-level goals that aligned with general business goals will increase the sense of alignment of employees with organization’s mission. Technology with performance management system could make the documentation of these goals fast and easy to evaluate.
  • Technology is also useful in the creation of analysis and reports. It will help to calculate evaluation scores and show it in the reports. In addition, the system may generate comprehensive reports that would be very useful to demonstrate the strength and weakness of organization to the executives.

A lot of times and energy could be saved with the use of technology. However, it is very crucial to choose the right technology to be used in creating the best performance management system. Each organization is unique and discrete approach is needed to create the system. In addition, every party related to performance management process need to understand how the system works associated with their level of job and responsibilities in order to utilize Technology in performance management. While HR staffs need to understand the system in more detail, employees need to understand how they can access their feedbacks and reviews.

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