Supporting Employee Well-Being and Mental Health in the Workplace

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee well-being and mental health support. HR professionals are actively exploring ways to provide resources, support, and wellness programs to help employees cope with stress and maintain their well-being.

Mental health problems generally arise due to several factors such as environment, psychology, and biology. Someone with a breakdown due to biological factors is easily affected, similar to someone who experienced a traumatizing event because there are many things that trigger it.

Employees who work 9 to 5 or more are more likely to suffer from mental health problems. It happened because of the variety of individuals and situations they face. However, everybody potentially experiences this issue if they do not understand stress management.

employee well-being and mental health

The Reasons Behind Mental Health Issues in Workplace

There are a lot of components that can lead to mental health concerns in the workplace, such as high expectations for employees to do their jobs, unpleasant working circumstances, being bullied, and too many demands on the job.

The implementation of work-life balance is also often underestimated by companies or by employees. They invest their working hours only to achieve company goals or increase sales. In fact, considering working hours and rest time is the right decision to maintain sanity at work.

The Initial Way to Avoid Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

The situation eventually becomes a new task for Human Resources to provide the best solution. There are many things that human resources can do to support employee well-being and mental health to restore enthusiasm and productivity.

Mental health is a major concern for maintaining company sustainability. Therefore, Some ways to promote the importance of maintaining mental health and well-being for each employee in the workplace include:

  1. Provide and offer programs that can manage stress and improve mood at work, such as on-site yoga or meditation classes, health screenings, and healthy eating programs.
  1. Implementing flexible working hours, such as telecommuting and flexible working hours, and hybrid working where employees can work anywhere so that employees can find a work-life balance.
  1. Give employees the opportunity and freedom to take breaks throughout the day after completing work, step away from their desks, and get some fresh air to restore the spirit.
  1. Always provide knowledge about a culture of self-care, which encourages them to take care of themselves both physically and mentally. This will make employees love themselves more and respect the company they work for.

Those are the first steps that a company must take before employees experience more severe problems. However, if employee well-being and mental health problems are no longer under control and have even reduced company performance, the HR team must provide further help.

Creating a Workplace Culture That is Supportive

Employees who come from different backgrounds are often treated inappropriately by coworkers. It can be the cause of mental problems, as they have to work under peer pressure. This issue should be paid attention to in order to create a safe working space for everyone.

Human resources can address this problem by implementing diversity, equality, and inclusion practices in the workplace in order to promote trust and minimize bullying. Employees will be way more comfortable expressing their opinions without hesitations.

Offering Mental Health Education and Training For Employees

Some companies provide working hours that make employees unable to control their working hours. In fact, employees often do not realize that they are experiencing symptoms of mental health problems. Consequently, the motivation to work is lost while working.

To address employees who are experiencing these symptoms, the human resources team can offer education and training. Thus employees will know the importance of good mental health, how to identify signs and symptoms of common problems, and how to maintain their mental health.

Providing an Accessible Way to Consult

After providing training and education related to mental health problems, employees are expected to know the symptoms and the level of help needed. This means that the company must also prepare a help center for each employee if needed.

Human resources can provide facilities by cooperating with mental health services or providing a website that connects the employees with doctors who can be ready at any time to serve employees when they are experiencing the condition.

employee well-being and mental health

What Happens When Paying Attention to Employee Well-Being and Mental Health?

Human resources apparently have some reasons why they pay so much attention to employee well-being and mental health. Some aspects behind the reason are humanity and caring. There are benefits that companies can get if they maintain the mental health of their employees.

  • Improved productivity and creativity

Employees with a good mood will always have unique thoughts and ideas. This will be very helpful in maintaining and increasing creativity and productivity at work.

  • Improved communication

By providing comfort to employees in the workplace, they will also be open and able to share their feelings and pressures.

  • Improved morale

Good morale and attitude will also give a good image to the company. Employees with stable mental health will be more responsible with the work given.

  • Reduced absenteeism

A workplace surrounded by happiness will make employees happy to keep coming to the office. It also will make useful contributions to the company’s progress.

  • Reduced staff turnover

Employees would prefer to quit their jobs to protect their mental health. However, if HR is aware of this then the problem can be overcome and still be able to retain the best employees.

It can be concluded that employee well-being and mental health is a serious issues. It has an impact on the company and on employees if not treated well. But in contrast, if the company provides solutions about this problem then a million benefits will be obtained.

Human resources should have a variety of options to handle and maintain each employee’s condition. Because it is believed that maintaining mental health is an asset for creative thinking. And also, it’s a source of ideas that will help improve company performance.

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