The Importance of Manpower Planning for Your HR Strategy

Manpower planning also known as Human Resource Planning involves placing the appropriate number of people and suitable people at the right time and place and also executing the right things for which they are fitted for the attainment of organizational objectives.

This got a very essential place in the field of industrialization. it needs to be a systems approach and must be implemented in a set procedure which includes:
• examining and determining the present manpower inventory
• formulating future manpower forecasts
• expanding employment programs
• designing training systems

The Importance of Manpower Planning
• aids efficient utilization of management and personnel.
• it plays a vital role in managerial functions such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling. As a result, staffing becomes an important key to all managerial functions.
• it helps motivate employees since it does not just evolve around placing the right people on the right job but it also involves motivational programs that become a fundamental part of staffing function.
• this leads to better human relations. In other words, human relations become stronger for there’s effective control and supervision, clear communication and effective leadership.
• higher productivity. Productivity level maximizes when resources are used in the most excellent manner. It is worthy to note that higher productivity is the outcome of minimum wastage of efforts, money, energy and time.

On the other hand, the recruitment of employees pertains to the procedure of attracting, examining and selecting employees for the firm or organization. It involves various stages like:

• Job analysis. This refers to indentifying the various facets of job by means of job specification and job description. Job specification describes the qualifications that an individual requires in order to execute that job while job description describes the jobs that are required for a certain job.

• Sourcing. This pertains to utilizing many strategies in order to attract and determine applicants or candidates. This can be performed by external or internal ads. Ads can be executed by national or local newspapers, window ads, specialist recruitment media, internet, professional publications and job centers.

• Screening and selection. This is the process of choosing the employees who are applying for the job. The assessment is administered to understand relevant qualifications, knowledge, skills, aptitude, job-related and educational experience of workers. a few ways of screening employees include job applications and resumes, behavioral or job-related testing plus interviews.

• After the selection and screening process, the best applicant is selected. The process of helping workers become productive members of the firm or organization is known as the onboarding. In the same way, a well-planned introduction aids new workers to become completely operational immediately and this is usually incorporated with the environment and the firm.

Techniques to Identify the Number of Recruits

• Trend Analysis. This is the study of the company’s past employment needs or requirements over the period of years so to conclude the needs to come.
• Ratio Analysis. This is the predicting technique for identifying future staff requirements by means of utilizing ratios between the number of workers needed and the sales volume.

The Recruitment from External Resources
Macro- Economic Conditions of a Nation.
When the conditions of the economy are comparatively tough, there will typically be an oversupply or in simpler terms, the number of applicants will much greater as compared to the demand. In some cases, the firm will find it comparatively effortless to choose new employees from great number of applicants.

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The Availability of Manpower in Desired Sectors
When the sector is one which is regarded as a rare sector, the firm will have more hardship in recruiting employees or staff for this sector. For instance, cellular engineering or computer technology

Company Reputation
It is going to be easier for a firm to find and recruit the outstanding people if the firm has a notable reputation, for that reason, the outstanding newly graduates will flock to apply to the firm. For instance: Microsoft or McKinsey, Google

Recruitment Yield Pyramid
A few employers utilize a recruiting yield pyramid in order to identify the number of candidates they must produce to hire the necessary number of workers.
• Sources of Recruitment
o College Recruitment
o Advertising (internet, magazine, newspaper)
o Recruitment Agent (headhunter)

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