Understanding Definition and Function of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


Human resource management is a process consisting of planning, organizing, leadership, and control activities associated with job analysis, job evaluation, acquisition, sale, or otherwise. In human resource management are integrated set of decisions about labor relations affect the effectiveness of the employee and the organization. In addition, human resource management is also an activity that is done so that the human resources within the organization can be used effectively to achieve various objectives. The main objective of human resources management is to improve the constribution for employees of the company or organization in order to achieve the productivity of the company concerned. The success of the company to achieve the targets and objectives is highly dependent on how the management of human resources in the company.

Human resource management has the following functions:


In this case, human resources management has three essential activities such as planning, withdrawal, and selection of human resources. Human resources are an important asset for the company’s life sustainability that needs to be managed properly. When a company is growing, resource management of the human family will gather some relevant information about the composition and skills of the manpower needed company. Although the recruitment of employees in the company are conducted in full activity by human resources department, other departments in the company also remains engaged to provide descriptions and job specifications to facilitate the process of withdrawal.

Performance evaluation

Human resource management has the responsibility for evaluating the performance of employees and workers in the company. This evaluation is very important to be done to develop a form of appraisal that is effective performance and ensuring that performance appraisal is done by all parts of the company. In addition, the management of human resources also needs to do the training and development of managers about how to create a standard of good performance and make accurate performance assessment.


Other functions of human resource management are to set compensation or reward for employees. It is necessary to have good coordination between the human resources department with several other managers. System of compensation given to employees should also be done in a balanced way between the payments and benefits provided to workers. Such payments include salary, bonus, and the distribution of profits earned by the employee. The compensation in the form of benefits can include health insurance, leave, or otherwise. Human resource management has a responsibility to ensure that the compensation awarded be competitive, fair, and in accordance with applicable regulations. The provision of this compensation could also be a form of motivation for employees to be able to develop into good.

Training and Developments

Human resource management is also responsible for creating training and development program which is effective for both new hires or existing employees in the company. In this case, management of human resources also serves to estimate the company’s needs as well as training and development program to evaluate the effectiveness of training and development programs are run. Training and development program is very useful to improve the performance, productivity, and loyalty of the employees so that the company’s goals and objectives can be achieved optimally.

By looking at the function and role of human resource management for the company, placing the people who are qualified, reliable, and quality will be very important to do so that the wheel company is also capable of running properly and effectively.

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