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One of the main functions of the HR department is to recruit. This is a process in which the job vacancy is determined and the potential employees will be notified. The recruitment process under HR Management PowerPoint Presentation is going to be regulated and subjected to the employment law.

The core forms of the recruitment process are done through advertising in magazines, newspapers, internal vacancy lists, and trade papers.

Under the recruitment process is job description which is an outline of all the roles of a job holder. Next is the person specification, a detailed outline of all the skills and qualities required by the post holder.

All of the applicants can prove if they are suitable for the job through the help of their application form, curriculum vitae, or an application letter.

Another function of the HR Management PowerPoint Presentation is to select the potential employee. They are going to have a short listing, perform an interview with the applicant, and conduct some aptitude and psychometric testing.

Talking about selection, this is a process to assess the candidate and appoint the post holder. Applicants who will be on the short list are the most suitable who will be selected. The selection process differs based on every organization.

As we all know, interview is the most typical method that is done by an applicant when looking for a job. In psychometric testing, this is going to assess every personality of an applicant, whether they are going to fit in on the job they are applying to or not.

On aptitude testing, this talks about assessing all of the skills of an applicant. Nest is an in-tray exercise, an activity that will be based on what the applicant is going to do. Example of this is writing a letter to a discontented client.

And last thing that an HR Management PowerPoint Presentation has under the selection process is Presentation. On this account, an HR needs to look for various skills and also ideas from the candidate.

Next to Selection is the employment Legislation. This is an important aspect on the role of an HR because under this, there is a wide variety of areas that needs to be concentrated on, and this can also add to the cost of a business. Even those small businesses, legislation that relates to the employees is essential. For example, all of the chemicals that are used in a salon must be carefully stored and kept to protect all of the employees.

On the other hand, there are also some issues that the HR Management PowerPoint Presentation needs to deal with, and one of these is discrimination. During these days, disability is not an issue anymore for the employers to ignore.

They should take some reasonable decisions in accommodating and recruiting the disabled workers. Gender, race, and disability are just some of the crucial features of employment legislation.

Next under the HR Management PowerPoint Presentation is discipline. There are wide range of steps and procedures to deal with a workplace conflict.
Developing an employee’s skill could be regarded as an investment on a valuable asset. This could be a source for motivation and a source to help employees fulfill their potential and capabilities.

Another HR Management PowerPoint Presentation function is Training. The same with development, training can provide new skills for an employee and it can also keep an employee updated with all of the changes in his or her field. Effective training also aims in improving efficiency. It could also be in-house or external.

Another function is the Reward System. This is a system to systematize all the benefits that are used by the company in rewarding their employees. This talks about holiday pays and fringe benefits.

Next in the HR Management PowerPoint Presentation are the Trade Unions. This talks about the importance of developing relations with the employee representatives. The role of Trade Unions has already changed. Also, speaks about the importance of negotiation, consultation, and working with the trade unions. This contributes to a smooth change in leadership and management.

Lastly, under the HR Management PowerPoint Presentation is the productivity. It deals with the measurement of performance of the employee. It also talks about how a company must value the contribution of every worker who works for them. There is also a need for appraisal which must be non-judgmental, and this must involve a nominated appraiser and a worker that agrees with the strengths, weaknesses, and some other ways so that they will be able to help both of the employee and the organization or company.

As conclusion, an efficient Human Resource Department can give your company with a structure and the ability to meet the needs of your business by managing the most valuable resources of your company.

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