Key Functions of HR Management

Recruitment and Selection. This refers to the processes and procedures in order to guarantee the recruitment and deployment of the appropriate combination of people who can ensure efficient contribution to the firm or organization.

Training and Development. This is considered as a combined role which is usually referred to as HRD or Human Resources Development. This intends to aid develop human resources so to remain competitive in the business or marketplace.

Training concentrates in executing various activities so to help develop workers for their present jobs. On the other hand, development pertains to preparing workers for future responsibilities and roles.

Performance Management. This is all about the culture that bolsters the continuous development of the processes in the business as well as those of an individual’s behavior, skills and contributions.

In addition to this, it focuses on the effectiveness and role of line managers in terms of setting objectives and boosting and reviewing the performance of their employees.

Reward Management. This revolves around the creation and implementation of policies and strategies which intend to reward employees justly, consistently and equitably the same way with their worth to the firm or organization. This involves examining and determining, controlling worker remuneration as well as the other benefits for the workers.

Its purpose is to formulate and proficiently run a reward structure for the company or organization. It is valuable to note that reward structure consists of minimum wage, pay practices and policies, total reward, team reward, executive pay, payroll and salary administration.

Career Management. This is deemed as a self-monitored and long-term process of career planning that covers selecting and setting personal goals and also creating schemes in order to attain them. Career management programs help individuals to obtain deeper understanding of her/his career path within a firm or organization. this also offers exceptional tools which can aid leverage an individual’s strength and position herself/himself for more career success.

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