HR Strategy in Market Globalization

HR Strategy

HR Strategy

Competition among business in domestic area is fierce enough that make every company need to create strong strategy to survive. As the market becomes more global, the competition becomes fiercer when competitors from abroad take some places in the nation. Excellent strategy is required to stand strong on your business field. It would be better if you can spread your wings and take place in global market. To expand operation overseas are now become the goal of many companies.

HR Strategy is important part in company’s strategy to achieve company’s objectives. It is impossible to work on big company alone and more impossible to expand overseas if you do not have staffs to help you. More important, you need to have trustable, reliable, and powerful staffs to work with you and lead the company to the top. All that would be possible if you have a strong and effective HR strategy.

Fundamentally, HR strategy should be designed to be aligned with organizational strategy and goals. When developing corporate strategy, three questions should be answered: “Where are we now?”, “Where is the destination?”, and “How to get there?” Human resources management plays part in both three questions. In the first question, HR management will answer what kind of people you have now. It will show your current power, potential, and lack in human resources arena. In the second question, HR management must add another question related to the main question. The question is what kind of people the company needs to run and manage the business in order to reach the destination. In the third question, HR management will play important role in preparing the programs and initiatives to create the best team to run and manage the company.

When creating HR strategy, the first step is creating human resources mission statement that aligned with corporate strategy and objectives. It will continue with human resources analysis both internally and externally. After the analysis is completed, HR management will start to create human resources planning. At first, the plan is made in general strategy that comprises culture, organization, people, and system objectives. It then followed with specific functional action plan for implementation inside the HR management team.

In human resources strategy, the team should make the plan to be comprehensive from employee selection strategy to training to succession planning in all four dimensions of culture, organization, people, and human resources system. Maintaining good communication is very imperative. In addition, the organization should not neglect career development and rewards to retrain the key employees.

Planning is not always perfect. Many times, HR management team must face obstacles and unplanned condition. In addition, the world is changing and organization should follow the change in order to keep up to date and competitiveness. For that reason, review and evaluation should be done regularly to find some holes in the current plan and to make improvement in the strategy. Apart of review and evaluation, analysis inside organization and the environment in the surrounding need to be conducted in order to find something wrong, to fix the error, and to make improvement even better.

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