Employee Development is the Key to Build Strong Human Power

Employee Development

Employee Development

Fantastic GPA from world famous university and incredible IQ are not a guarantee you will have useful and helpful employee in your company. There are many reasons why smart people do not suit with job environment and fail to show their best or they leave the company early because they get better option. On the other hand, some average employee could show spectacular human power and become your key to success. You can make it if you have a good employee development.

It is not that you do not need smart people but it would be better if you have employee development inside your management. If an average person could become spectacular through employee development, smart people will become almighty. Hence, pay attention to employee management inside your organization. In addition, employee development could increase satisfaction feeling and loyalty of employees. Many workers stated they highly value training, mentoring, and coaching from the company because it could give them knowledge, skills, and experiences that make them more versatile and valuable.

Unfortunately, employee development is one of most neglected aspects in management. Many companies only emphasis initial training, on-the-job development, and career development for their employees. Mostly the company only focuses on day-to-day operation and only thinks a little about long-term activities. “No time” becomes the common excuse to neglect employee development. Sometime, it is only conducted as bureaucratic exercises without the real constructive result. It is just a wasting of time and energy.

When you could not have strong human power, HR team will stuck with constant job hunts without the ability to find the real quality employees and fail to create powerful team. This condition will lead the company nowhere or even the worst, it may lead the company to fall apart. Therefore, you need to start a good employee development program as early as possible. If you are one of the companies, which neglect it, now is the time to do it.

When creating employee development program, you need to show genuine interest. Although employee development is a board mandate, the manager should take personal interest on it. If you take a genuine interest, people will care and become loyal. As your employee’s loyalty increases, they will become engage to the company and will become more productive to help the company grow. In addition, loyalty will make them stay and give you thoughtful support.

One common problem is the cost. Training and coaching could cost much. However, you should not go with expensive training and coaching from external organization if your company could not afford it. You do it by simple and low cost employee development inside the company. Start it with good managers who taking person-to-person time to recognize employee’s skills, needs, and abilities. Spend more time to understand them and find gaps on their personal value. Next is finding a way to guide them fill in the gaps and improve.

You will find improvement in your human power team and long-term loyalty if you could do it well. It will help you grow and expand. After you grow and have stronger financial, then you can improve your employee development program with something more comprehensive.

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